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Practical Test

You will have 40 minutes for your practical test during which time you you will need to demonstrate  that you can drive safely and with confidence in all kinds of driving situations. All you have learned in your lessons will be utilised and you will be required to do one of the three reversing manoeuvres you have learned and practiced. Take your licence with you on your test day.

Your practical driving test will also include a section of ‘independent driving’. During the independent driving part of the test, most candidates will be asked to follow directions from a sat nav. The examiner will provide the sat nav (a TomTom Start 52) and set it up. You won’t need to set the route - the examiner will do this for you. So, it doesn’t matter what make or model of sat nav you practise with. You can’t follow directions from your own sat nav during the test - you have to use the one supplied by the examiner. You’ll be able to ask the examiner for confirmation of where you’re going if you’re not sure. It won’t matter if you go the wrong way unless you make a fault while doing it.

One in 5 driving tests won’t use a sat nav. You’ll need to follow traffic signs instead.

Part of the practical test will includes 2 vehicle safety check questions from the “show me, tell me” list.
Some of these may be on the move. During the test you must make no more than 15 minor errors and make no serious errors in order to pass.

The national average pass rate at present is 43% (even lower for first timers) so being prepared is vital. As your instructor I’m able to advise you when you are ready for the test and the reasons why most people fail.

The cost for the practical test is £62 or £75 for weekends and evenings -  bookable via www.gov.uk  plus the £55 required on the day for the hour lesson before and the usage of vehicle for test– take your licence with you on test day

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