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Pass Plus

What is Pass Plus?

Pass plus is a six module-training syllabus designed by the DSA to develop the skills and knowledge of newly qualified drivers and broaden their driving experience.

This competence based training programme is delivered by suitably graded Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs).

What are the Benefits?

Newly qualified drivers will develop safer driving standards. (see statistics below) and enjoy discounted motor insurance from participating insurance companies (a list will be provided with your Pass Plus pack). The cost of the course usually more than pays for itself!

Why do it?

Newly qualified drivers are much more vulnerable than they realise.

Statistics show that new drivers are more likely to have an accident in their first two years of driving than at any other time in their driving career.

In the first year of driving, one driver in five is involved in a crash and two young people under 25 die every day in crashes in Great Britain. Sobering thought isn’t it?

How does it work?

The six modules will not take the same amount of time each to cover but each course of six will consist of 6 hours training most of which will be practical in-car training sessions. This can be broken down into as many sessions as you wish or as little as two.  

The subjects covered are:

Town driving, all weather driving, out of town and rural roads, night driving, dual carriageways and motorway driving. Many topics and skills will be covered within these subjects. On completion of the course and achieving the appropriate standard you will receive a Certificate of Completion which will help with your insurance discount.

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