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Advanced Driving

MasterDriver Club Member – Britain’s Driving Elite

As a professional driver and trainer I felt it only right to “walk the walk and not just talk the talk”!

I have successfully passed the IAM (institute of advanced motorists) test and the DIAmond” advanced test.

Also recently I’ve completed the DIAmond Special Test which is currently the most stringent measure of driving ability in the UK. Quite simply this is about producing the “perfect drive” in total safety in 90 minutes.

Advanced driving can help your career prospects and more importantly can prove to be an absolute life saver, both for you and your family through learning better driving skills and defensive driving.

“Most people think they’re competent drivers. They’ve passed the L-test; they’ve learned through bitter experience; they’re still alive; so they can drive. Right? Wrong!. That’s the first and greatest misconception. You can never stop learning. The moment driving becomes a reflex, unthinking activity, it’s time to think again.”
Stephen Picton, Editor of Driving Magazine

So if you think you’re a good driver why not prove it!

Anyone can take these tests and I can help you prepare for them.

Visit www.driving.org for more information on DIAmond testing or contact me directly.

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